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6 Ways to Generate Income from Being an Online Star

Whenever I see popular tweets and Instagram photos or watch YouTube videos of ordinary people for the past few years, I kept thinking how much time they have everyday just to conceptualize and produce something to post. The answer all along is simple: many of them really reserve time for it because that’s how they earn. Some online stars just do it for the fame. But for others, they already turned it into a personal empire where they get all the gold just by being themselves.

These online stars who turned into entrepreneurs can be the perfect business models for businesses that want to expand their products and services to the internet community. The thing is, most online stars began their career for the sake of pure fun and entertainment. I bet some of them were just bored and unknowingly created a post that would soon become viral or trending.

Now, let’s think about businesses that use products and services to earn. Some of them don’t last long after emerging online because they either try too hard to get noticed or focus on the wrong things. They invest a big amount of money on manufacturing products without planning further how to market their brand.

The bottom line of all these – fans! You have to capture the attention of people to earn money. You have to brand yourself or your business in an entertaining and interactive way. Patrick Allmond, the owner of StopDoingNothing.com and Focus Digital Marketing Agency shared his business knowledge on Entrepreneur about the interconnection of popularity, branding and profit. Here are six ways to earn money while utilizing online popularity:

Make your own website.

When you want to expand from being a social media famous to an actual online celebrity who earns, staying on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube or Instagram is not a good idea. You have to own your platform. That means you have to own the information you share to people by creating your personal website. Sharing your knowledge on Facebook doesn’t mean you exclusively own it. It becomes a property of the social media site, even your followers.

Other than creating a website, you also have to make an email list. Another good option is to create your personal social media website through Buddypress and other similar sites. I know this is a tall order, but you really have to bust some moves in order to earn. After all, there’s no such thing as easy money.

At least with your own website, you get to be yourself. Your personality can shine through with no inhibitions. In Facebook, you might get reported by conservative people or haters if you say something contrary to their beliefs or opinions. The result is losing your page and followers.

Also, if you’re proud enough right now with your online store on Facebook and Instagram, think way ahead. What if these social media sites suddenly shut down?

Merchandise yourself and what made you popular in the first place.

Just a fun thought: If I am famous on YouTube because of my funny statements and weird hairdo, I would make colorful statement shirts with a silhouette of my head.

Having a million followers in different sites does not necessarily mean that you earn something from each one of them. If that’s the case, then there are a lot of millionaires already. Again, creating your own email list is one of the best ways to earn money out of this.

Then, you have to promote something that your followers can purchase as soon as possible. One important thing: sell products or services two ways – cheaper ones for average followers while something expensive for diehard fans. The best products or services are those that can really be used by your followers.

An example of service is writing makeup reviews. Using your popularity on YouTube because of your makeup tutorials, search for sponsorships and create a list of emails.

Catch attention by being shameless.

Let’s be honest – some people can be blunt when it comes to their knowledge about sex and relationships. A little off for some but very useful for those who seek advice. Some pros in real life would not cross this line of sharing their knowledge to the world because the topic is controversial and sensitive. But, they’re losing opportunity since people would really find someone who does the opposite.

Things you can do when you’re a pro in sex and relationships are writing articles or books about your tips on your own website, creating catchy infotainment YouTube videos with subtle images and statements, or just tweeting something funny about your experiences. When your followers are consistently entertained, you maintain your “clients” who are ready to purchase your products or services anytime. Not convincing enough? Look how popular Cosmopolitan magazine is.

Never be ashamed of sharing your ideas, knowledge and expertise. You can change lives and earn money at the same time. And that’s by being yourself. How cool is that?

Be unique.

Are you looking up to YouTubers such as Jenna Marbles, NigaHiga and PewDiePie? Well, you can follow their techniques but never their style. If you replicate their humor and most popular topics, chances are people would tag you as a copycat. But, you can find inspiration on how they market their products or services. For example, Jenna Marbles usually puts under her video’s description a link to her online store. One of the factors she became popular is her cute dogs appearing in almost every video she posts. So, she now produces merchandise bearing images of her funny-looking pups.

Teach every relatable thing you know.

It is one thing to educate people. But, you also have to catch their attention. That’s why most blogs and videos bear the title “How to” in the beginning. The pros in this kind of business think about topics that are relevant and interesting to almost all people. Examples are makeup tips, guides to social situations and other self-help content. As much as possible, share your personal life lessons while giving advice, be honest with your failures and successes, and teach your followers how you achieved something. You can even tell some of your secrets to have a closer relationship with your followers.

Always be out there.

Make sure to be present online as much as possible. Share new posts all the time that are based on what’s currently trending. If you already have thousands of followers, some of them would really think something’s wrong if you’re gone for a while. That’s why I noticed many online stars apologizing to their followers why they’re gone for so long. Some even dedicate a whole video just to explain what happened.

The fanbase of some online stars is not very different to an actual Hollywood celebrity’s. Fans always look forward to updates and even comment on what topics they want their idols to talk about next.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many ways to earn money nowadays. Technology provides massive opportunities in connecting with millions of people all over the world. Take advantage of that opportunity by letting yourself known to the public and make money out of that in the future. The best part? You will definitely love your career because you’re having fun.