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Important Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Gaming Rig At Home

I grew up in the 90’s and life being a kid back then was so different. Back then, we spend almost all our days under the scorching sun and play games that required us to sweat and bleed and get sunburned. The extent of dust and mud soiling our shirts and faces is the gauge of how awesome our day had been. Kids’ games were meant for outdoors during that time and never would we have guessed that it would change drastically after just a decade.

The time when internet already had its own feet and was available to the global public, the world changed. Now, internet dictates the very way of life of humans and all of their possessions. As for the lives of the newer generations of kids, the days of outdoor games were long gone and computers are the new boss in town. The improving yet scary influence of offline and online games now demands most of a kid’s time. In fact, kids these days rarely get sunlight and sleep because of addiction to computer games. I know this for a fact since until now, even I already have a kid of my own, I still spend some time playing well-known online games and easily get hooked over and over again.

As console and PC games get more and more realistic and heavy in content, so as its demand for PC performance and compatibility. The PC games that are in demand right now requires 5 times more PC power compared to the games kids play 5 years ago. A decade ago, kids usually did not have any worries with the PC requirements of the LAN games they are playing since gaming cafes were still in business and in demand. The café owners do their best to offer the best gaming experience for their customers so once the word of mouth gets spread out, they get more customers day in, day out. However, in the recent years, with the improvement of online gaming wherein gamers can play with other gamers around the world, playing at home became more favored than going cafes.

Playing at the comforts of one’s home has a lot of perks. Aside from you don’t need to look for cafes with free seats, you can trash talk all you want without having to provoke someone. Home players are also more hygienic and safe from common illnesses that can be passed on through closed rooms with a lot of people. And lastly, if you’re a kid, then you won’t worry that your parents would look for you since they can see you at home all the time. With all these perks mention and many more, it is no wonder that more and more online players are switching to home-based.

However, playing heavy and demanding online games at home also has a drawback which definitely dictates whether you’ll thrive with it or not. This drawback entails spending bucket loads of money if you want to satisfy yourself. What I am talking about here is what I was mentioning about above, the ever increasing demand for PC performance and compatibility. PC upgrades are already on your hands and for you to keep up with the benchmarked performance of the world, you really need to be a techie yourself in order to know exactly what are the demands.

For hardcore gaming, buying a pre-installed, packaged PC setup could be a gamble not unless you bought the most expensive brands out there that tops the best list, especially if you are eyeing for a laptop. As for a desktop setup, most of the expert gamers out there recommend self-assembly. In this way, you yourself can purchase the right merchandise at your own budget that suffice your craving for the games you want to play.

Literally, all PC hardware and peripherals can be upgraded but only a few are the most critical if you are assembling a rig that can satisfy the high demands of gaming. For this article, we identified five of the components that you must take into consideration if you are planning for upgrades for your gaming PCs. Check out the list below because you may never know, you need that exact help.

(1) The CPU and Motherboard

Most of the time, if your PC needs upgrading for gaming, your CPU and that goes to the motherboard as well, are not the ones that needs upgrading not unless you’re using an ancient PC. However, CPU and motherboard serve as the brains of your PC and if you’re preferred game is dealing with AI-enabled features, then the brain needs to be bigger. Upgrading CPU and motherboard is a little bit tricky because of compatibility issues. You can check the socket types and compatibility of both hardware by using known software detectors. If you’re still unsure what you want for your new CPU and motherboard, it is better to consult an expert on PC assemblage.

(2) Graphics Card

Graphics card or video card is the fuel of PC for gaming. There are two ways to bump up your graphics, either you go multi-GPU or you totally swap your old less powerful graphics card with a new more powerful one. The first one may be cheaper compared to swapping however there are a lot of things to consider in order to correctly upgrade your PC with noticeable change in performance. In adding a 2nd card, you need to confirm if your motherboard has the 2nd slot. Also, the 2nd graphics card, must bet compatible or 100% identical with the existing one. Lastly, you also need to make sure if the power supply can support the 2nd graphics card the moment it is added. As for the total swapping for a new and more powerful graphics card, for as long as the motherboard slot is compatible, the new and improved graphics card will work like magic.

(3) RAM

RAM is the memory your PC needs to run single and multiple programs. Different programs have different RAM utilization and the combination of active programs and background services will eventually consume up the RAM. In order for programs to run smoothly and fast, the memory should be enough w/ a little allowance. As long as your motherboard has the correct slot, your new RAM will give a breather to your PC and will ensure you with a smooth-reacting programs.

(4) Cooling system

Most of the PCs nowadays are built-in with its own fan to cool off the components inside the system boxes. This time, the high performing games heat up PC components too much that if not taken into consideration will always cause over-heating. With a gaming PC, fans can no longer cool down the components, a more powerful cooling system is already needed. The most famous cooling system right now for customized home setup for gaming is the liquid hydrogen cooling system. This cooling system can also be colored which adds flare to the PCs. You may want to research more about the said cooling system using the internet.

(5) Storage

Last but not the least is the storage. This component may be the least important since it is very easy to identify the status of a PC’s storage. If storage is running low, owner can simply have an external hard drive or a data stick. However, if you want to make sure that the PC will still have data space for updates and other documents outside the game to be saved upon, swapping out the storage with new and larger one will always be a good choice.

Final Thoughts…

Upgrading your desktop PC is a worthwhile activity for you and for any member of the family. It will be just like matching the right shape to get a score. Again, you really need to make sure that the compatibility of the new component to the existing motherboard or existing same component that needs augmentation. The rule of the thumb here is that, only upgrade your gaming rig if you have the means. If you make your PC upgrades the top priority of your life, then you really need some good backing to it to convince your loved ones and family about it.

Games has come a long way from being physically demanding activities to home-staying, power draining brain washing mechanism. Both style and era may have its own pros and cons yet one thing’s for certain, all are made in order to make kids happy and busy during their free time. Both the old and the new kinds of games also aim to teach various life lessons that are very valuable for the development of one kid. So, if you are already an adult that takes care of his or her own kid, make sure that your kid gets to experience his or her right to play and learn from playing. In the end, our children deserves the right to be happy from whatever sources they may find it and our role as adults in this seeking is to provide and guide them to the right ones.