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Laptops for Gamers 2017: The Predator and the Aero 14

What I hate the most while playing games in an average laptop is – obviously – lag. Even the most patient people would lose their temper because of the delay in gameplay. Well, I could just play on my desktop but I don’t want to miss playing games whenever I’m on travel. Now that I need a new gaming laptop because I have to stay in another country for a few months, I’m sharing two of the most awesome options out there for my next buy:

Acer Predator 17 X

This gaming laptop perfectly captures the usual theme of games which is heroic monsters. Acer Predator 17 X is definitely something that you can call “monstrous” because of its power. The best part? Its heavy-duty performance is matched with a high-tech cooling system.


Here are the highlights of Acer Predator X:

Full-Packed Features

A gaming laptop is nothing without powerful features. The Predator has a big wrist rest. This is very useful since gamers usually place their wrists on a hard, metallic surface which is unhealthy and painful after long hours of playing. The laptop also has a button for turning off the touchpad. Speaking of touchpad, it contains hard buttons and edges that light up. The gadget’s chiclet keyboard has a colorful backlight and can be customized. On the left side, four hotkeys are placed.

The Predator also has huge speaker grills, which are improved with a genuine subwoofer with a vent below. Cooling fan vents at the back measuring 1 1/2 inches tall are included in the top features of this gaming laptop.

This laptop is so easy to boot up because of its SSD and 1 TB spinning drive. All in all, the Predator has a powerful sound system and a smart combo of hard drive and SSD.

Rich Screen

The Predator has less stuttering and no screen tearing because of the well-controlled frame rate, thanks to the 17-inch screen with a 4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. It doesn’t stop there – G-Sync technology of Nvidia makes it all the more worthwhile. I know this can mean a battery-draining movie time but hey, every good thing comes with a price. On battery, it is estimated that the Predator would last for at most 2 hours only.

Best Cooling Fans

What annoys me sometimes is the loud noise of a laptop’s cooling fans. But, despite Predator’s three fans, the whole thing doesn’t create loud noise at all. Because of these, the speakers sound even more genuine and the keyboard stays cool no matter how long you play.

Laptop Mag


On the other hand, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of the Predator:

Too Expensive for Last Gen Video Card

Unfortunately, not all features of the Predator are worth the expensive price. Not all people can be convinced to spend $3,000 for a laptop that uses a previous generation video card. You would only settle for way lesser than 60 fps when playing the newest 4K-resolution games despite max settings.

Annoying Power Sound

I know this is bordering on nitpicking, but turning this laptop on in public is social suicide. Powerful speakers may be a good thing – but it can make things worse when the power-on sound is too loud and irritating.

Very Long Recharge Time

I’m very particular about recharge time because I don’t have much patience for it. Sadly, the Predator has an extremely time-consuming recharge process. For only 2 hours of battery power, it needs a longer recharge time – 3 1/2 hours!


I’ve read from pros that the Predator, despite its prominent flaws, can still be awesome after a series of adjustments. After all, its powerful performance is still hard to beat. You just have to rely on electricity most of the time with this laptop.

Gigabyte Aero 14

It is said that Gigabyte Aero 14 is a dream laptop for gamers. Why? This gaming laptop may not be the thinnest or lightest among its competitors but based on its promising design and performance, it is actually considered to be the most affordable one. Let’s find out more about this gadget!


Check out the best things about Gigabyte Aero 14:

Thin and Lightweight Design

Gigabyte is a Taiwanese company specializing in thin laptops for gamers. But, their best one so far is the Aero 14. The laptop measures 0.78 inches thick and weighs 4.17 pounds. It is so portable because it spans to only 14 inches. It is also known for affordability despite the 3K screen, long-lasting battery, GTX 1060 graphics chip from Nvidia, and the newest Intel quad-core. Gigabyte did a great job in packing everything essential for a gaming laptop in just one thin frame and light weight.

Competitive Price

In less than $2,000 with the Aero 14, you can already have a gaming laptop with a machine that’s completely VR-capable. Reviewers even tagged it as a better performer in more areas compared to Alienware 13 R3 and Razer Blade aside from the cheaper price. Other 13- to 15-inch laptops, despite being fan favorites, are nothing to Aero 14 when it comes to reasonable pricing.

Display Hinge

To better enjoy a game, a laptop’s screen must offer the best quality display. Before talking about the display quality of the Aero 14, let’s gush over the idea that its screen can bend backwards – up to 190 degrees! The laptop has a well-designed rear base that’s extended.

Now, the Aero 14’s display is so bright. With only 50% brightness, the screen is already too brilliant and colorful to look at. Games offer a lot of colors for the eyes to see, so Aero 14 will definitely make the experience much better. Besides, gameplay relies on color coding. Equipped with only an IPS display, Aero 14 is keeping up with the contrast quality of OLED monitor from Alienware 13 and IGZO display of Razer Blade.


Of course, there are some downfalls that we need to know about Aero 14:

Low Battery Life

Despite how far Aero 14 has come when it comes to battery life compared to the massive two-hour-battery group of laptops, it just falls short to its promise of a full day’s worth of battery life. There are reviewers claiming that Aero 14 can only last for a maximum of 6 hours. Still, the laptop has a big 94.24-watt hour battery, larger than the average 52-56 Whr batteries.

Full of Bloatware

First of all, what is bloatware? It is a software with unnecessary features but uses big amounts of RAM and memory. A software becomes a bloatware after being useless because of needless features. Bloatware is also considered to be pre-installed in newly-bought PCs.

Now, that’s Aero 14’s biggest problem. You will wait longer before playing because of bloatware continuously emerging on the screen after turning the laptop on.


The thing about expensive gaming laptops is having a high price yet flawed features are still present. Why not invest on a laptop that’s affordable yet still better than most? No wonder Aero 14 is one of the ultimate fan favorites.

Final Thoughts

The Predator and the Aero 14 are just two of the many gaming laptops that proved themselves worthy of purchase because of their prominent well-designed features. Because of the inevitable flaws from each laptop which is normal, you just have to focus on your preferences whenever you choose a brand or model. Some people go for battery life, some for affordability, while others focus on the display. It is totally your call.